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What is Response™? Who is it for?

By February 28, 2024No Comments

Discover Response™: The Pinnacle of Driver Behavior Research

Response™, formerly known as IDRR (Interactive Driver Response Research), is a groundbreaking software that aggregates over 800 research studies, illuminating the reactions of drivers, riders, and pedestrians in various situations. What started as a humble spreadsheet for our human factors courses has evolved into a global tool utilized by over a thousand professionals, including human factors experts, accident reconstructionists, law enforcement crash investigators, and academics.

Unpacking Human Behavior with Response™

Navigating through peer-reviewed research to apply it to real-world cases can be daunting. Response™ simplifies this process, allowing you to uncover and apply critical insights about human behavior that may not have been immediately apparent. From analyzing driver and truck acceleration to braking patterns, swerving behaviors, and the decision-making processes on curvy roads and during crashes, Response™ provides a rich, interactive interface that presents the relevant information in just a few clicks.

A Comprehensive Look at Road User Behavior

Response™ offers an exhaustive look at driving behavior, from routine scenarios to emergency responses. With features like detailed driver reaction and response time analytics, night-time recognition studies including over 2000 headlight maps, and the influence of external elements like weather and lighting on visibility, the software helps set a research-based standard for investigations. By leveraging classical scientific methodology, users can effectively compare individual cases against a solid baseline of typical driver responses.

Staying Current with Cutting-Edge Research

Our commitment to transparency means giving you access to the very roots of our data. Response™ not only provides results from various study types, including real-world driving, simulations, and closed course studies, but also provides comprehensive citations so you can trace every piece of information. The Driver Research Institute is dedicated to staying abreast of the latest research, ensuring that Response™ continually integrates the most recent findings.

Who Can Benefit from Response™?

Response™ is designed for professionals ready to enhance their collision investigations with a sophisticated, multi-faceted approach. Say goodbye to relying on generic “reaction time numbers” and welcome a nuanced, evidence-based analysis that will distinguish your work. Save countless hours and bring precision to your investigations with Response™.

For a firsthand experience of how Response™ can revolutionize your approach to collision analysis and human factors evaluation, contact us for a demo and explore the full capabilities of our software.

Article by

Swaroop Dinakar
Managing Scientist, Human Factors
Driver Research Institute
Los Angeles, CA